God Spake

Why are we here?… I wonder,

Whose gaiety, health or wealth did we plunder?

Why are we stranded?… I wonder,

What heinous acts committed or blunder?

Why are we to die and perish?… I wonder,

Will not be enough if we yield, surrender?

And the voice answered…. a thunder,

“It’s your sins, Oh MAN, why wonder?

You looted and raped and destroyed, you offender !

You butchered away my creation… MY wonder !

Now you frown, all teary drowned, bystander.

As you watch and sigh, and things around you die,

As I unleash my wrath, you’ll see aftermath,

There is nothing and no-one to wonder.

You were so proud, all powerful and loud,

As if… You.. were the Founder !

Yet here you are, all shocked and all sour,

A fool…. A bounder !”

If only we understood, and stood where we should,

It would all have been a Wonder.

If only we could heed and make amends by our deeds,

It would have remained a Wonder !!

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