A Call to the Creator

So many souls lost, Paying such huge cost,

Deep down within, Acknowledging our sin,

Sad and distressed, as we think,

Is the world at apocalypse’s brink?

Hatred, malice, is all what we reaped,

Evil after evil, piled and heaped,

The path that we took, the path we did not,

Choices we made, brought here us to rot,

Forgive and forgo is now we can pray,

Abandoning the path that led us astray,

Oh Lord, show mercy, though we certainly deserve this,

Don’t leave us forsaken, grant us your holy bliss,

Though we the sinner, criminal, malefactor,

But you, our only hope, miracle, benefactor,

Let there be light, peace and harmony, alike,

Prevailing unanimity, love, humanity belike,

Heed this orison, oh Lord of Lords !

Grant us our lives, dear God of Gods !


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