Book Review – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Author- Mark Manson

“You are not special”, “Happiness is a Problem” are some of the unconventionally titled lessons the book has, that aim to shun the belief systems of many, especially the millennials, who grew up hearing and learning that they are special and can achieve whatever they desire. As the title suggests “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A counterintuitive approach to living a good life” is a book by Mark Manson, who walks the reader through various ideologies and theories guided by his personal experiences to lead a fulfilling life. The author believes, and rightly so, that we have a limited number of f*cks to give in life, so we should be mindful of what deserves a f*ck and what doesn’t.

While I agree with most of the life lessons and points that the author makes, but mostly, the book borrows a lot from other self-help books and heavily from Buddhist teachings. The book with its click-bait/like-bait/sales-bait title seems to be designed (rather than honestly written) for the purpose of revenue generation only. If you ignore the profanity and the laid-back casual approach of the author and just focus on the key take-aways that the author offers, then, sadly nothing valuable is there. There is absolutely nothing that the author says which hasn’t been said before, more profoundly that too. The readers from the Eastern part of the world, especially Indians, might not find real value in the book when so many ancient Hindu and Buddhist texts are there to refer to. The book overall feels like a juvenile attempt in trying to preach life lessons while all the way trying too hard to sound not preachy.

If life lessons in the simplest form of language, and in accordance of real-life situations is what one looks for then I think, “Life’s Amazing Secrets” by Gaur Gopal Das is a far better read, and most importantly, his life as an engineer, then as a monk, and his years of practice add credibility to the content of the book, unlike this one.

Rating for this book:  **/5

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