To Those, Who Lost Their Jobs…

Dear Friend, dear friend,
I feel your pain,
Those bills outstanding,
I know remain.

To provide for parents and children you must,
even if it causes your body to rust,
and hard you worked, day in day out,
but nature toppled you, your plans did it flout.

A cloud of death was secretly conjured,
Millions and millions, it deeply injured,
and so were you, unaware, unguarded,
your household shaken, terribly bombarded.

You lost your livelihood,
shuddered your fatherhood, son-hood, manhood,
might a tear trickle down, yet firmly you stood.
You buried your trouble, your pain, your fear,
so that no one shatters, who are near and dear.

An unsure future, an uncertain day,
though those bills are yet, left to pay.
Dear friend, dear friend,
I feel your pain,

Sadly, couldn’t do much, to help you sustain.
Just know you are, not sailing on this boat alone,
Millions are there who lost their hopes and home.
Millions are there, who have bills to pay,

I know it’s all easy, for me to say.
But trust me, my friend, my heart breaks away,
For you and those millions, I’ll always pray.


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