Book Review: Kane and Abel

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Author: Jeffrey Archer

Taking a cue from the biblical story of Cain and Abel comes the title of the most read book of Jeffrey Archer “Kane and Abel”. But, it has hardly to do anything with the story the ‘Book of Genesis’ gives us, as apart from the rivalry between the brothers, there is barely anything that Archer’s novel resembles.

Originally published in 1979, ‘Kane and Abel’ is still widely read by people around the world even after 41 years of its first publication. It’s the story of William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski, born in different parts of the world, under entirely different circumstances, have nothing in common except for the day they were both born and their undying quest for success. The story spans over a timeline of sixty years and revolves around the lives of Kane, the son of Boston based millionaire and a penniless Polish immigrant, Abel, and how their lives are intertwined.

The plot is undoubtedly gripping, and the details given in the initial parts of the book about Abel’s life in Poland is interesting though harrowing. The book progresses into the stories of the two men and the reader might be inclined/sympathetic towards one of them in the beginning, only to discover that they both are alike. The story becomes a slight bit predictable and a tad too long, (which might be why Archer released a rewritten tight version in 2009) though with its fluid language and structured plot, it’s a tale well told and a good read.

Rating for this book – ***/5

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