God’s Hand in all the Glory

When you overcome all your fears,

when you swim across your tears,

I’ll meet you there…

I’ll meet you there, where no pain left to bear.

When your dream is your destination,

despite all suffering, damnation,

I’ll meet you there…

I’ll meet you there, with your conscience all clear.

When you’ll truly follow your heart,

and leave all reasons apart,

I’ll meet you there….

I’ll meet you there, then all will be fair.

You’ll know why you chose such pains,

and left side walks for rocky terrains,

I’ll meet you then….

I’ll meet you then and you’ll see it all.

That day, when it’ll ascend,

through you I will transcend,

I’ll meet you then,

I’ll meet you in you and you’ll know me.

When you’ll achieve a lofty height,

mightier will be my might,

I’ll meet you then,

your soul I am, I am the God in you.

For though you fulfill your vision,

my glory gets new dimension,

and I’ll meet you there,

I’ll meet you everywhere, you’re a part of my sphere,

Even if wonder of my existence,

might even claim victory, pretense,

still, you’ll meet me somewhere,

You’ll meet me to accept my omnipresence.

My world is infinite,

you think you do is right,

but it is my will you do,

and I work through you !

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