A Candid Retrospection

“We talk less, and care lesser,

Between us, no love lost.”

“We laugh less, and fight even lesser,

though long back, deeply love-struck.”

“Love was it? Or a mere illusion?”

“Some prophetic dream? Or a poetic creation?”

“For we feel no pain,

nor cry a single tear.”

“Did our heart really break?

as we aren’t each other’s dear.”

“Probably life happened, or our love dampened.”

“It might not be love, after all, so we didn’t survive our fall.”

“But how does it matter now? For all we knew is lost somehow.”

“Better that we walk on paths different,

So aloof we are, each of us indifferent.”

“No point watering a plant, inside out so dead,

We have, after all, long life ahead.”

Thus, concluded a conversation, and a life’s chapter,

Why be for life, a captive or a captor?

P.S. “A candid Retrospection” is to inspire people to pursue their lives and their happiness than being in a dreadful and woeful marriage. In India, more than 70% of people lead unhappy marriages and still are reluctant to part their ways due to societal pressures and the stigma attached to divorcees (especially for women). Most of the time, for the sake of children, women/mothers choose to suffer throughout their lifetimes. The poem was written to inspire people for a more progressive mindset.

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